What's the Big Idea?

The IDEA is designed for events and organizations that recognize the value of inclusivity, and are ready to take action.
The Inclusivity, Diversity & Equality Advantage is an implementation of the idea that our communities have greater potential if we include everyone in a safe and respectful way, while also acknowledging that many events and organizations are often formatted to best serve only the majority, leaving many minority groups as an afterthought.
The IDEA teaches leaders, committee members, hosts and organizers how to think, and act, more inclusively, so everyone in the community can participate.
The implementation of The IDEA is highly contextual. Once an organization agrees to adopt The IDEA, they decide through The IDEA Process, how to best to honor and uphold the values of The IDEA.
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The IDEA is still under development, and made its debut at COGS Steampunk Expo in May, 2019. Learn more about COGS here.

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The IDEA 10 step PROCESS


  1. Identifying underrepresented people groups within your event or organization.

  2. Celebrating their value within your community.

  3. Understanding their unique perspective through proper research.

  4. Brainstorming possible ways to sustainably expand inclusivity.

  5. Committing to a reasonable plan. 

  6. Communicating these changes appropriately on any and all levels applicable.

  7. Implementing the plan. 

  8. Utilizing an effective feedback system.

  9. Processing feedback in order to improve the next event or upgrade.

  10. Repeating this process as your community develops.

EXAMPLES of The IDEA being implemented

  • Non-gendered bathrooms available.

  • Sign Language interpretation of presentations and performances.

  • A supervised Quiet Room for those who need a safe space from social areas.

  • Signage in multiple languages.

  • Childcare/kid-friendly programming for families. 

  • A visible and available Code of Conduct that prohibits discrimination.

  • Breastfeeding and diaper changing spaces for parents.

  • Increased Handicapped access.

  • Creating an atmosphere of inclusivity through increased signage and announcements.

  • Free seating and water available for those needing a rest.

  • Low income assistance available.

  • A visible and available security team.

  • Non-gendered announcements and social media posting.

  • Extra volunteers available to assist the elderly or physically challenged. 

  • An accessible communications channel for feedback from the attendees.

Camaraderie | Acceptance | Community | Safe Space | Consideration | Protection | Respect 

We as a species will reach our highest potential through unity and diversity, which can be achieved through adaptation and collaboration within non-judgemental environments.