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Linkedin is boring & resumes are antiquated. All my info is here.

Taking full advantage of the first post-Covid Summer season to spend as much time outside as possible: hiking, photographing bugs and plants, taking Nika to the beach, and getting back on rollerblades for the first time since I was a kid. Also continuing to improve on my first attempts at Aquaponics! 🌱🐟

Summer is for skinned knees and sunburns, mosquito bites and bruises, dirt under your nails and the sun on your face. It is a full-contact sport. 

  • US citizen, currently living in NJ.

  • AFAB non-binary, they/them pronouns. 

  • Meyers-Briggs INTJ personality type.

  • Burner, Pink Heart Camp, Black Rock City.  

  • Politically progressive.

My late grandmother, Patricia Richardson, was an honored leader, teacher & storyteller in her community. Thanks to her influence, (and my mom's dedication) I grew up immersed in Native American culture, dancing competitively in traditional regalia and selling handmade arts at Pow-Wows throughout my childhood. 


Our Values define us as we practice them.

















Where did the eyeball come from? My branding was inspired by the idea of simply having a clear vision--of myself, my goals, and human potential. There are also two "eyes" in the pronunciation of my name!
sk-EYE  k-EYE-o

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  • Raised by a single mom with 3 sisters.

  • Raised in poverty. Working since age 10.

  • Deeply engaged in volunteer work since age 8.

  • Raised in Native American culture (Coharie tribe).

  • Homeschooled until College at 16. Holds 3 Degrees.

  • Graduated Valedictorian for one, 4.0 GPA for another.

  • Raised in NJ, lived in Scotland for 2 years, CA for 3.

  • Recovered from severe PTSD & Depression.

  • Occasionally interrupted by chronic illness.

  • Survived a month in bed with Covid 19.

I believe strongly in animal rights and welfare. I currently own my third rescue dog (Nika). Each one has required specific care, medical attention and training. 

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Our habits define us. What I do 5-7 days a week.

  • Walk 1 Mile

  • Run 1 Mile

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Low carb, low FODMAP diet

  • Intermittent Fasting 8/16

  • Cold Shower

Our habits define us. What I do 1-2 times a week. 

  • Qigong Class

  • Reading

  • Drawing

  • Write in my Blog

  • Study basic phrases in 14 languages

  • Hip Hop/Dance Class

  • Scare the shit out of myself
    (Wrench Day is pretty epic!)

Our habits define us. What I do 5-7 times a week. 

  • Setting Intentions

  • Gratitude Exercises

  • Perception Exercises

  • Podcasts & Books

  • Accountability Check-In

  • Journaling

  • Meditation

  • Visualization

  • Affirmations

  • Goal Setting

When I attended art school in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, I developed a style of digital illustration based on traditional stained glass and applied to mythological themes. I called it Shatterwork. I was the only one in my class experimenting with digital illustration and my teachers hated it. They gave me horrible grades. I kept doing it anyway. 

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Informed by Transformational Leadership principles, neuroscience, anthropology and sociology, I build, cultivate & celebrate subcultural communities through events, programs, mentoring and social media platforms. These are some of the communities I have engaged with so far:

  • Geek/Cosplay

  • Pastel Goth

  • War Veterans

  • Gothic/Industrial

  • Kink/BDSM

  • LGBT/Pride

  • Poly/ENM

  • Burning Man

  • Steampunk

  • Content & Speech Writing

  • Non-linear Digital Class Design

  • Educational & Test Writing

  • Curriculum Design

  • Inclusivity in Subcultures 

  • Navigating Polyamory

  • Con Survival: Mental Health Matters

  • The Dark Night of the Soul

  • Leadership in Volunteer Communities

  • The Power of Emerging Digital Communities

  • Queer Identities in the Alt Community

  • HeroU Topics: Embodying Our Heroes

I once danced in a music video, and ended up on the album cover. Here are some other fun things I've done professionally. 

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  • Barista

  • Bartender

  • Large Event Facepainting

  • Convention Vending & Sales

  • Childcare for Children with Special Needs

  • Wedding Photographer's Assistant

  • Magazine Layout & Production

  • Dance Choreographer & Teacher

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For volunteer projects I have founded, see other projects.

​​VFW Post #2319

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Our desires define us. What I want to do & experience.

  • Learn how to swim

  • Learn how to surf

  • Get at least 1 doctorate

  • Get a Lambo

  • Publish a book

  • Win a Nobel Prize

  • Run for President 

  • Run a marathon

  • Run an ultramarathon

  • 3D Print a castle

  • Open a school

  • Forge a sword

  • Direct a feature film

  • Figure out how to save Lightning Bugs

  • Go to Japan

  • Go to New Zealand

  • Perform minor surgery

  • Perform in a Shakespearean play

  • Pet a big cat--a lion or tiger

  • Meet Hayao Miyazaki 

  • Hug Sir Patrick Stewart

  • Learn to dance Ballet on pointe

  • Get a motorcycle

  • Design a meditation space out of an old church full of stained glass

  • Have my clothing designs recognized at Fashion Week

  • Officiate a wedding

  • Go hang gliding

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