at all.the.things. 🚫🏆

Think about it. People suck as parents, as drivers. They suck at cooking, they suck at conflict resolution. They suck at texting back. They suck at remembering where their keys are. They suck at actually using their gym membership.

Everyone sucks at a lot of things and it's ok and it's normal.

I'm not tryna excuse carelessness or neglect or willful ignorance, but I feel like there is this crazy set of expectations that kind of creeps up on all of us that we're supposed to ALWAYS be good at ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME, and this sense of judgement and shame if we're not, and anger and blame at others if *they're* not.

But humans aren't robots. We're messy. We make mistakes. We're learning. We're absolute shit at a whole list of things. No matter how pretty everyone's insta is, life is a hot hot mess.

But there's this huge freedom in accepting that. Letting go of anger at others, giving yourself space to be less than perfect....Finally doing the stuff you're afraid you might mess up.

When we release those expectations of perfection, we remove the #1 confidence killer in modern culture, "I'm not good enough."

Nope. You suck. But so does everyone else, so it's fine! 🤣

When perfection is removed, there is all this space for compassion, understanding, relating to each others' failures, appreciating each others' skills and talents, and getting better at stuff *together*. I think that's worth admitting that I suck at stuff.

****************** This is what works for me. #imaketherules

It might not be what's best for you. #makeyourownrules #thinkforyourself