can we just. ughk. 😑♻️

Recycling is crucial for the future of our environment. I support recycling things like plastic, glass, cardboard...that kinda thing. But that is sooo not what I'm talking about here. Read on.

The kind of recycling I'm talking about is when leaders recycle old material. More specifically, instead of normalizing a topic of conversation that our culture has *already had*, they allow it to continue in this cycle of Shock & Spectacle, using it for attention instead of saying like "Hey, we've been here. Let's move on howbout?" I've seen in multiple times recently, and it took me a min to realize what was bothering me and why, because on the outside, it looks like, "I'm standing up for Women!". Yah. If it's like, 1950. Example One/ Respected athlete & leader in multiple industries becomes a mom. Topic of big article about it: How women can have more than one primary identity, being both a mom and an icon in their field.

Example Two/ Respected mental health practitioner comes out as polyamorous. She has 2 girlfriends now. Instead of just posting pics and being like, "yah we love each other". She wrote this paaaages long post pretty much apologizing for how much it would upset people.

And then a follow up on how many followers she soooo bravely lost just for standing up for her rights to have an unconventional relationship. GAH. What a martyr.

For the sake of brevity in this rant, I'll stick with just the two samps. My point is: WE'RE OVER IT. Oh, you're a working mom??? So are over 80% of moms, KAREN. You're poly? Who cares! Join an Ethical Non-Monogamy/RA group on FB and shut up. There are thousands if not millions of us already. We all know how the media in Western culture works. They are all about cheap attention. Anything to grab a moment. And many celebrities that have built their careers around that, playing the system. But I'm not talking about Kardashians or Jenners. I'm talking about women who are out there intentionally posturing themselves as leaders of other women. And instead of moving the conversation *forward*, they are recycling the same old shit as before.

I am not tryna suggest that as a leader, you are responsible to *only* do radical new things in your industry and with your life. But I am saying, for FUCK SAKE, quit acting like it's a big deal to do things like fall in love or have a kid (no matter what gender you are, btw)! By agreeing that it's newsworthy to do something so ridiculously ordinary, you are keeping us all trapped in a constant recycling of these old ideas and not allowing our culture to move forward. QUIT. RECYCLING. GAH.