5 ways to end the tragedy of hydrating🍹👌

To be honest, when it comes to beverages, I lean heavily towards the Yang side of things. I like heavy, strong tastes: dark roast coffee, salty broth, Whiskey, and tea that tastes like fire (no joke: Lapsang is a whole mood).

Alas, Little Body needs hydration, and that means drinking water. In order to not hate my life, I like to mix some things up that make drinking this tasteless fluid less like punishment and maybe even some fun. If you are in the same boat, here are five ideas that might help you hydrate and even add some other healthy shit to your diet!

/1/ Ice, Ice, Baby!

Find an herbal tea that sounds nice, and make a ton of it. Let it sit over night for extra strength. Then add some liquid Stevia if you need a sweetener, and a ton of ice. Bam! Iced tea for days. And it’s super easy to find: even the most basic food store will probably have several flavor options. Shop online and there are an insane amount of options to choose from.

/2/ Get an Infuser Guy If you want to get fancy, get a water infuser, and try mixing different fruits, herbs and veggies together for natural flavored water options. There are a ton of combos online to try, like watermelon cucumber or apple cinnamon!

/3/ Drink Mocktails All Day

I like to mix lime juice in peppermint tea and add Stevia to make a kind of Mojito. Drinking something that looks fancy or feels special can help you psych yourself into sipping more often. Just be careful with the sugar content once you start adding all those juices.

/4/ Drink Your Veggies Not a replacement for eating vegetables, but if you don’t like sweet stuff, then savory *is* an option for hydration. Carrot juice, tomato juice, or low-sodium V-8 may be the thing for you. And if you want to add a kick to it, any of these can be spiced up with hot sauce or tumeric, or mixed up like a virgin Bloody Mary!

/5/ Be a Wizard & Mix Elixirs

I like to experiment with different super foods (like Coconut water, Aloe and Apple Cider Vinegar) and make “potions” in fancy cups. Why? Because it’s fun, and that’s the point. Being healthy, and staying hydrated, shouldn’t feel like a chore. Have fun and good luck with your liquids! <3

This is what works for me. #imaketherules

It might not be what's best for you. #makeyourownrules #thinkforyourself