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7 reasons to love your at-home workout

Tbh, I started this article way before Covid was a thing, and there were no lockdown issues to consider. But the content holds-- There are plenty of reasons to not go to the gym: Your car broke down, you can’t afford it, your ex goes to the same gym, it smells bad, everyone stares at you, etc. etc. Whatever reasons—or excuses. Cough.—you have for not going, working out at home could be the best option for you.

Here are some benefits to starting an at-home exercise routine:

/1/ You get to listen to whatever music you want! I hate wearing earphones while I workout. I find them very distracting, and I'm always worried they're gonna fall out, and one will be lost forever as it rolls under some crazy machine with a very big dude grunting and sweating on it. (Am I really going to interrupt his workout in order to rescue my tech? No, no I am not.) In my own space, I can blast Barbie Girl or Bodies and no one can say a word. My mood, my music. Perfect.

/2/ No social interaction required! I love the community aspect of the gym, but sometimes, as an introvert, I am socially exhausted and I can’t handle it. Working out at home is the perfect option for days when you feel introverted, shy, socially anxious, or don’t have the spoons.

/3/ No judgement!

If you are feeling insecure about your body, are experiencing body dysmorphia, or your local gym community is particularly snobby, judgey or cliquey, you might want to avoid that scene and improve your awesome self in private. If you're going to the gym, it should be a *positive* experience, imo.

/4/ Your excuses don’t work here!

“The gym is closed.” “I’m snowed in” “It’s not worth it for only a 20 min workout” “I don’t have time to pack my gym bag”. “My ride cancelled.” Yep. None of these hold any weight--pun intended--when you workout in your living room.

/5/ Your equipment is always available!

Tired of waiting for weights, or feeling crammed into your yoga class? There is plenty of space and stuff when you workout solo-style. You can go at your own pace without holding up whoever's waiting to use your machine. And you *know* the elliptical has not been sprinkled with someone else's sweat! Eww.

/6/ No awkward locker room moments!

Not everyone feels great about showering in public spaces, leaving their things in a locker room or seeing random naked strangers. If you're Trans, locker rooms--and gym gender politics--might be something you just don't feel like dealing with. If any of these describe you, at-home workouts save you all of that uncoziness!

Last but not least, my favorite reason:

/7/ You can workout in your underwear! Or your unicorn onsie. Or your LARPing gear, or a sequined miniskirt. Why not?! No one is looking! Wear whatever inspires you! There’s no dress code at home. Also, working out in your undies cuts down on laundry! Jussayin.

So this post originally happened because my car broke down and I was super down about it--I didn't want to work out in my bedroom! I love supporting my local gym and being around like-minded individuals in a positive, healthy atmosphere. I love the music and the classes and the beautiful, fit people that inspire me to work towards my best self. But when I can’t get there, these are the things I focus on to help me remember that at-home workouts can be fun, too!

And #fact, figuring out that exercising at home came with so many bennies and so much freedom made it stop feeling like a *limitation* and start feeling like a strategy. Whatever your reason for working out at home, lockdown or otherwise, I hope you find your own list of reasons to enjoy it! <3

****************** This is what works for me. #imaketherules

It might not be what's best for you. #makeyourownrules #thinkforyourself