tricks to make your space pack a punch! 🏠👊💥

Self-care is important for everyone, and setting up your living space to help you provide a sense of nurturing and safety is vital for anyone struggling with mental health issues. Now I know not everyone has control over their housing, or the cash to acquire all the things they need for self-care, but if you have any resources: time, energy, money, health, etc. to put into transforming your space, or just want to envision a new space for your future, then keep reading!

Start by asking yourself, “How do I set myself up for success?” Everyone’s needs are different, so I can’t answer that question for you. But I asked myself that question a few years ago, when my mental health was at an all-time low, (my current space is a whole different story!) and came up with this list. Mental Health Power Moves:

COLOR: Paint the walls with bright colors like yellow, pink and blue--with lots of white!--to inspire happiness and create energy according to color therapy principles!

COLOR: Can't paint? Try hanging tapestries instead!

COLOR: Keep fresh flowers at desk whenever accessible or affordable.

NATURE: Use a Sunlight Lamp on your desk to help stay alert & energized at night and combat SAD in the Winter!

NATURE: Place oxygen-creating plants like garden mums and spider plants around the room.

NATURE: Keep a small fish tank in the room to observe and listen to for stress reduction. NATURE: Open windows whenever possible to allow fresh air and light. Put the desk by a window for maximum nature, wildlife and sunshine exposure.

ACCESS: Keep gym bag easily accessible with clean towels and a laminated list of what you need for your workout inside of it.

ACCESS: Keep at-home exercise equipment highly visible.

ACCESS: Keep walking shoes & backpacks visible to encourage travel.

HEALTH: Create a “Hydration Station” with fun cups, drink mix and a jug of water.

HEALTH: Put a bin full of healthy snacks by the desk to encourage proper eating.

POSITIVE TRIGGER: Hang one or two inspirational, positive and colorful posters that make you happy.

POSITIVE TRIGGER: Hang photos or use photos as your screen saver that remind you of your fave memories and best times in your life.

POSITIVE TRIGGER: Decorate with literally ANYthing that makes you happy. I have used everything from birthday balloons and glitter, to MLP posters and disco balls. Anything to draw your mind back into good vibes.

ANTICIPATION: When there is a holiday or event approaching, decorate the room or hang your outfit up to visibly remind yourself that you have something awesome to look forward to! ANTICIPATION: Put up bright, colorful calendars for planning ahead with fun stickers & markers to use.

FUN FORWARD: Keep art supplies organized, labelled and at the ready!

FUN FORWARD: Keep fun costume-y things like wigs and tutus, sensory toys like Legos and slime, and brain toys like Rubik's cubes and crossword books in the best drawers to inspire play.

FUN FORWARD: Prepare “Party” playlists to instantly fill the room with musical inspiration!

MAINTAIN: Take out 10 min every morning to tidy up, 30 min a week to dust and vacuum and 15 min a week to organize or glean one area. ADAPT: If you feel like something is just not working for you--change it! This is about making things easy & empowering for your daily life, not setting up an instagram backdrop or doing things someone else's way!

Pro Tip: Many people have a hard time developing good cleaning habits. If that's you, then next time you clean, pay attention to what you're thinking about while you do it! Are you whining to yourself? Complaining about having to do it? Many activities are hated because of negative self-talk, not because of the action itself.

Our space affects our emotional wellbeing and reflects our sense of self. I hope this list aids you on your mental health journey, and helps you develop a beautiful, safe and creative “You Space” where self-care is intentional and a top priority. You could also just watch like, Queer Eye or Changing Rooms, or Get Organized with The Home Edit. All of these shows are literally hot springs of inspo! <3

****************** This is what works for me. #imaketherules

It might not be what's best for you. #makeyourownrules #thinkforyourself